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How to setup a terminal

This is a tutorial on how to setup a new terminal with the app “Feedback Terminal”. This tutorial will go through how to install app, configure it, preventing users to exit the app and how to administrate the terminal(s) from one place.

Installing the app

The app is available on Google play. Please click on the link to download and install the app on your device.

Click on the app icon on the home screen when the installation is done.


Click on “settings” in the app.

Next step is to configure the app to suit your needs. You can modify the question that will be visible for the users. For example you might want to ask “How did you experience your visist?” and reply back with an response, “Thank you for sharing your experience”.

You can change the “time for response message”, this mean that you can set a delay for how long you want to show the response message. A good idea is to use something like 4 seconds to prevent someone to spam clicking.

Change the theme. Use a fancy space theme or just a clean white background.

One more thing that’s important to setup is a PIN code. This prevent a user to leave the rating screen and getting access to statistic and modify settings.

Preventing users doing unallow actions

As menting aboved, don’t forgot to set a PIN code in the settings view. This will prevent a user to leave the page.

One more important thing you have to do is lock the device to only this app. That will prevent the user to exit the app and start playing with other apps. To do this there is a function in Android called “pinned” or in iOS it is called “restrictions”.

If you use an Android click on this link to read more on how to pin or if you use an iOS click on this link to read more about restrictions.

Administrate your terminal(s) from one place

This feature come really handy. This will allow you to modify the terminal and view statistics from distance in a web browser. You don’t need to be near the device.

This require a wi-fi or cellular connection and an account. To setup a terminal to the cloud you have to start the app -> click settings -> click on “connect to cloud”. Sign up a new account or use an existing one. Visit to see if your device is online.